Box Road

Treatment Focus: Role Playing, Modeling, Receptive Listening, Spatial Awareness, and Turn Taking.

Group Size: 1-4





45-60 minutes



– 1 large cardboard box
– Markers
– Scissors




Treatment Objectives

  1. Increase fine motor skills.

  2. Increase spatial awareness.

  3. Increase creativity.


Intervention Description


  • – Use scissors/knife to cut cardboard box so that it lays     flat on the floor
  • – Prep roadmap on separate paper to be used as visual guide


  • Description of Activity:
    • – Facilitator will provide prompt to construct a roadway using markers on cardboard box using the separate paper as guide (visual guide)
    • – Client/s will copy what is drawn on separate paper to larger scale on box
    • – Use blocks (or other objects) to construct buildings
    • – Allow the client to decorate with trees, people, etc.
    • – Provide the client vehicle
    • – Use verbal cues or visual depictions (drawn on the visual guide) to move car from one location to the next
    • – Allow clients to create their own roadmap

 Processing: (Questions used before, during, or after activity that provide meaning and critical thinking opportunities)

– Why would we do something like this?

– What did you enjoy about this activity? Why?

– Did you learn anything during this activity? What was it?

– Was it easier/harder to work together? Did talking help?

– How did you decide who would complete what?

– What were some of the places you took your vehicle?


Higher Functioning

– Incorporate roads, bridges, waterways, train tracks, etc. Clients will use different colors to depict different features.

– Increase number of curves & turns in the visual.

– Use multiple lane highways, turn lanes, road signs, etc.

– Collaboratively create scenario requiring movement from one location to the next, (i.e. firetruck needs to get to a fire)

 Lower Functioning

– Draw lines for roads on the cardboard box & have client trace.

– Use larger markers (fine motor deficit).

– Provide features.

– Use smaller/larger box.

– Post box on wall (mobility constraints, i.e. wheelchair).

– Use fewer colors.



Intervention submitted by Tyler Neimeyer, MS, CTRS

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