Easter Rocks

Treatment Focus: Sensory

Group Size: 1–2Equipment: Basic


20-30 minutes



– Variety of sized paintbrushes
– Variety of acrylic paint (or other paint that will stick to rocks)
– Variety of ‘egg-shaped’ rocks (multiple/clt.)



  1. Inability to access outdoors


Intervention Description


  1. Set up various paints & pour appropriate amounts in a bowl.
  2. Place newspaper over the table

Description of Activity

  1. Prompt to go outdoors and find ## rocks that shaped like eggs
  2. Bring ‘eggs’ inside
  3. Wash & dry
  4. Paint rocks
  5. Allow to dry
  6. Use for Easter ‘egg’ hunt


  1. On the rocks:
    • What do they look like?
    • Feel like? (rouch/smooth – cold/hot – Heavy/light – hard/soft)
    • Does it smell like an egg?
  2. Was there a time that you need to work together? **(if >1)**
  3. What was most difficult about this activity?
  4. What did you enjoy about this activity? Why?


No access to outdoors
– Provide rocks

– Provide rocks
– Larger rocks
– Larger ‘eggs’
– Larger brushes
– Sit on floor
– Thicker paint

– Aggressive -finger paint, lighter objects
– SIB -finger paint, washable paint

– Pica

Intervention submitted by Positive Pathways.

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