Guided Meditation

Treatment Focus: Stress and Mood Management

Group Size: 1+Equipment: Basic


45-60 minutes


– White Board
– Markers
– Music Player


Treatment Objectives

  1. Learn to manage mood and stress using meditation
  2. Learn how anxiety and stress are related to blood pressure and heart rate
  3. Learn how meditation can lower risk physical risks of stroke and heart attack

Intervention Description

  1. Prepare whiteboard for group
  2. Greet people and take attendance
  3. Introduce the group and goals for the group
  4. Ask group about what stresses them out or gives them anxiety. Write their answers on the board.
  5. Ask group about what helps them to manage their stress and anxiety. Write their answers on the board.
  6. Introduce group and goals.
  7. Talk to group about the benefits of meditation. (Decrease stress/anxiety, physical health benefits, etc.)
  8. Inform group that you are going to be teaching them another coping skill to better cope with stress and anxiety which is called guided meditation.
  9. Instruct patients to close their eyes and to get relaxed in their seats.
  10. Walk patients through guided meditation session. Example Script: Guided Meditation Handout
  11. Sum up the group discussion about what was learned.


Intervention submitted by John Smith, CTRS Company Name. 2020

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