How Diet Affects Mental Health

Treatment Focus: Diet/Nutrition

Group Size: 1+Equipment: Basic


45-60 minutes



– White Board
– Markers
– “How Diet Affects Mental Health” Handout


Treatment Objectives

  1. Learn how what we eat and drink affects how we feel and think

  2. Learn what mental illnesses are impacted by our nutrition

  3. Learn the statistics of mental illness in terms of diet and nutrition


Intervention Description

  1. Print out “How Diet Affects Mental Health”  handouts for group

  2. Prepare whiteboard for group

  3. Greet people and take attendance

  4. Introduce the group and goals for the group

  5. Pass out handouts to group members

  6. Ask group members to take turns reading each section.

  7. After each section start a discussion about what was read. Explain how the body uses each nutrient for managing our feelings, thoughts, and behaviors

  8. Take survey of group member’s diets and how they compare to the lesson

  9. Ask group how they will change their diets and nutrition as a result of this new knowledge

  10. Debrief group about how perceptions can be altered and how they can better manage their beliefs


Intervention submitted by Nathan Lamaster, CTRS

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