The Sticky Scavenger Sounds

Treatment Focus: Expressive Communication

Group Size: 1–4Equipment: Basic


15-30 minutes



– Sticky Notes
– Markers
– Large, or multiple sheets, of paper
– Tape



  1. Ambulation
  2. Matching ability
  3. Fine motor
  4. Receptive listening (comprehension)


Intervention Description


  1. Write one letter on each sticky note
  2. Hide sticky notes around home
  3. Use other larger paper to write the same letters
  4. Tape larger paper on the wall

Description of Activity

Provide verbal directions to the client:

  1. ‘we need to find all of these letters’
  2. ‘once you find a letter you have to come back here and find the same one’
  3. ‘after you do that, stick your letter over this one, and let’s find the next’

Questions to be discussed with the clients before, during and after the activity/program. Examples are:

  1. Lets sing the ABCs together
  2. What letter is this?
  3. Do you remember where you found this letter?
  4. We’re in the bathroom, what do you do in here?
  5. How easy was it to find the letter/s you were looking for? Could it be harder/more difficult?


Higher functioning

  1. Hide sticky notes with words or pictures & client matches to 3D object
  2. Hide household items that client should be able to identify
  3. Match letters to words
  4. Color code sticky notes to clients (if more than 1 participant)
  5. Increase difficulty of hidden locations

Lower functioning

  1. Use only numbers, letters, or pictures
  2. Use larger sticky notes
  3. Use fewer sticky notes
  4. Place paper on the floor
  5. Use pictures & have client verbally echo (prompting may be required)

Intervention submitted by Positive Pathways.

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